Frequently Asked Questions

Common foot and ankle treatment questions

What is a podiatrist?

A medical professional devoted to the treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower extremity. They are also commonly known as podiatric physicians or foot and ankle surgeons.

Why should I see a podiatrist?

Feet are complex anatomical structures, all-in-one stabilizers, shock absorbers, and propulsion engines that are instrumental to overall health and well-being. They require expert care. Be sure you’re seeing the most qualified health-care professional to treat your feet by looking for the letters “DPM” after his or her name. The DPM means a physician has completed years of rigorous foot and ankle training in podiatric medical school and hospital-based residency training, making him or her uniquely qualified to care for this part of the body.

How are podiatrists trained? Are they board certified?

Podiatrists complete four years of training in a podiatric medical school and three years of hospital residency training in foot and ankle surgery. Their training is similar to that of other doctors. They may go on to complete fellowship training following their residency. Podiatrists can focus on many fields, including surgery, sports medicine, wound care, pediatrics, and diabetic care.

Podiatrists receive board certification with advanced training, clinical experience, and by ultimately taking a board exam.

How do I make an appointment?

You can call our office during our regular working hours to set one up.

Where is your office located?

Visit our Contact Us page to find our address and office hours. Click “get directions” below the location to get directions from your current location to our office. If you have any questions or need further assistance finding our office, feel free to give us a call today!

Does my insurance cover podiatry services?

Most insurances cover podiatry services, but it depends entirely upon your insurance plan. The best way to learn about your insurance coverage for podiatry is to use the number on the back of your card to call your insurance company and speak with a representative that can access your account.

Do you accept new patients?

Of course! In fact, we can usually get you an appointment today or the following day.
Before you come, please download and fill out the form below.

What if I need a second opinion?

Call your physician or doctor’s office that provided the initial diagnosis to request records and X-rays. These records will help us follow their treatment plans, and possibly save you money from us having to perform duplicate tests. Next, our foot and ankle specialists will look over the records and perform a thorough examination of their own. From there, diagnosis and treatment will depend on their findings during the examination and further testing (if needed).  If you have received your diagnosis from one of our foot specialists and are looking for a second opinion, we will supply you with any pertinent records and X-rays that were taken.

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

We do accept both at our office.

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To determine the cause of the pain in your feet, heels, arches, or ankles, call Galbraith Sanchez Podiatry Group in Wichita, KS to schedule an appointment. We will do everything we can to figure out what is making you hurt and then devise the right kind of treatment for your needs. When you are ready to come to visit us, please download and fill out the New Patient Form linked below.