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Wound Care and Wart Treatment in Wichita, KS

Wound Care and Wart Treatment

Wound Care

Cuts, scrapes, and blisters are common injuries that aren’t always treated promptly or effectively. Most heal rapidly, but when a wound fails to heal in a timely manner it can be a cause for concern. People with diabetes – particularly those with diabetic neuropathy or peripheral artery disease – are at increased risk for developing foot infections that result in non-healing wounds and ulcers. If these ulcers are not treated promptly with an aggressive wound care program, the infection can spread until amputation is the only treatment option.

At Galbraith Sanchez Podiatry Group, we take wound care seriously by using state-of-the-art healing technologies right in our office to ensure the best possible outcomes. All of our board-certified podiatrists have advanced training in diabetic limb salvage, including management of diabetic foot infections and treatment of diabetic wounds.

Wart treatment

There are a number of ways to treat warts in the feet, but you should not use over-the-counter medications. They rarely work anyway because they can’t penetrate the thick skin on the bottom of the foot.

Instead, you should seek treatment from a podiatrist, who may eliminate the wart in one of several ways: by burning the wart with topical acid, freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen, laser surgery, or surgical excision. The latter may cause mild discomfort and takes several weeks for the area to heal completely, but it has the highest rate of success and a low rate of recurrence. Also, normal activities can be resumed within a few days depending on the size and number of warts removed.

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